Greetings good people out there. My name is Pete Murphy AKA Selec Da Murph.

My lifelong love, is for the music that comes from the nosiest island on our planet. Yes you got it! JAMAICA.

I will make it my musical mission, to drop the platter that matter, with the chatter that I hope will give you a musical education, bring you back to the days.

Days like that hot summer of 1976, when roots Rock Reggae was bringing without any argument. The most innovative, meaningful and down right rock stone music ever made. On my show you will hear, original Ska, Rock Steady, some old JA R&B, Dub, Rockers, Roots and no I wont forget the great love songs and the songs that rocked the Dancehalls.

Not to be left behind the times will play some new stuff as well,  so Chronixx, Kabala Pyramid, Jah 9 and Etana, will be fitting in nicely with the Wailers, Dennis Brown, Culture and the great labels like Studio One and Treasure Isle.

So forget your blues, put on your dancing shoes and move yu move.

Selec Da Murph