Discover a unique fusion of passion and sound on Musicheads Rewind, an innovative radio show hosted by the dynamic duo Terry Topcat and Angelika Miller.
Angelika, known for her encyclopedic knowledge of various music genres, and Terry, celebrated for his keen ear, first crossed paths at a Fantastic Negrito concert at Nell’s in London. The eclectic energy and breaking boundaries of Negrito’s music ignited a spark, which led them to realize their shared love for music and a respect for independent artists carving out their paths.
Together, they channeled their passion for music into creating Musicheads Rewind. Their mission was as straightforward as it was compelling – supporting emerging talent and spotlighting independent artists. As champions of new music, they are committed to digging deep into the music scene to discover and present the best, ground-breaking, under-the-radar artists that the global music industry has to offer.
Musicheads Rewind is more than just a radio show – it’s a window to the world of independent, path-breaking music. Join Terry and Angelika as they rewind, dissect, and celebrate the best of new music, sharing the sounds and stories of artists you wish you’d heard sooner.