Jonny the Fox Radio Show

will be…….lets see…organised chaos

Jonny the Fox will be playing songs from the musicals, well known songs and those songs that never quite made it, comedy songs, and some of Jonny’s favorite pop songs from his youth plus chats with musical folk, and up & coming comedians & established comics. Plenty of surprises & silly stuff.


Who is Jonny the Fox? Who cares?

Well there was a comedy/documentry made about him. I kid you not!! 

It won awards, don’t you know

Anyway…moving on.


Jonny is originally from Crosby in Liverpool & moved to London in the late 70’s eventually settling over the Pimlico border in Westminster.

He has mainly been in the entertainments industry, his first professional role was joining the Second Generation dance team appearing in Summer Seasons, 

Pantomimes & cabaret shows followed by Warm-Up host on the 

Gloria Hunniford Show, other bits of Telly. 

Entertainer on Cruise Ships, West End shows including Chicago, 

Charlie Girl & Me and My Girl

Backstage on Blood Brothers & Billy Eliott.

Jonny ran the popular Quiz Night at The Warwick Pub 

& Comedy Nights at The Constitution.

Written a few songs, including The Worst Christmas Song ever written.

The Tickelmas Wiggelmas Christmas Song

Due to goverment guidelines Tickling is banned

But ok to Wiggle!! (bet your smiling)

(All royalties going to The Little Sisters of the Poor Residential Care Homes)

Jonny is co/writer/music/lyrics for a musical based on the Motion Picture 

‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’ & more recently a song called ‘The Best Pub in the World’ that will be released soon. Basically he’s a right little show off!!!!!

Jonny is currently working at a Little Sisters of the Poor Care Home  called St Peter’s in Vauxhall as Activities Coordinator,  so is able to continue his entertaining for a good cause.

Hopefully he will be able to entertain the Radio Free Pimlico listeners.


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