Larney and Phil met in 2003 on their first day at university. Across the nation, Breathe by Blu Cantrel (feat. Sean Paul) thumped out of speakers on silver coloured portable cd players made by Alba. Snow Patrol and Keane vied with a resurgent Red Hot Chili Peppers for global popular rock dominance. As half of The Cheeky Girls were dating Liberal Democrat politicians, Rachel Stevens suddenly quit S-Club. In this crucible, Larney and Phil hit it off by discovering a shared love of I’m A Cuckoo by Belle and Sebastian. Long, lager scented evenings ensued as the pair honed their air drumming skills in Nottingham’s top indie rock night clubs. They submitted a demo show of soul and funk rarities, recorded in the university union’s plush and professional recording studios. They received no reply from the radio station.

London inevitably called (from a faraway town) and the pair shared a flat in Hackney. Fame struck suddenly at a David-Bowie-only night at Stoke Newington’s Auld Shillelagh. The DJ being too drunk to chose any further tracks, and Larney and Phil being the only attendees at the night, they took to the booth. Never in the history of rock had Boys Keep Swinging been sung by so few to so few. 

Shared interests sonically include:

  • The entire imaginative sound world of George Clinton
  • Girl Groups 
  • French 
  • Drum sound on Lust for Life 

Keen runners, Larney and Phil discovered that a sub-45-minute 10k can be achieved by listening to NEU!’s Fur Immer on a loop while running and locking into Klaus Dinger’s hypnotic tempo. 

Truly, the groove can move.