Anna Goodman presents Afterlife


I have lived in Pimlico since 2006. A life-long Londoner, I grew up on pop art, kitchen sink dramas, glam rock and my parents’ jazz records. I started going to gigs as a teenager, embracing city life in all its glory. The soundtrack was punk, rock’n’roll and reggae plus various forms of experimental music. I also loved cinema and performance and was fascinated by artists and innovators; something which has never changed.


Later, I became involved with London’s nightlife scene with hip hop and dance music as a soundtrack. I also spent a year in New York. These days I work as an arts publicist, continuing to be in awe of artists of all ages.


I have been fortunate to experience pivotal culture, fashion and music which continues to be widely influential. With a quirky taste in sounds and artforms old and new, I’m hoping my radio show will embody this, drawing from the past, savouring the present and glimpsing ahead, via musical magic and inspirational guests.